Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Not a political blog, but...

As you well know, this is not a political blog. However, the following video is a verifiable joke. Sure, the message they intended to pass along wasn't a joke. But the logic surely is. Whether Democrat or Republican, Christian or Atheist, you should all have a watch.

Just listen for the following:

  • The guy sitting down wearing the glasses, pretty much choking on whatever Constitutional Party member's dick he can jam in his mouth. Yeah, that guy. He makes a ton of sense.
  • Whenever the next guy says "marketing." One could easily make this a drinking game - one that even the most weathered alcoholics would find difficult.
  • Listen also when the same guy says "pull your children out of college. They are being brainwashed." Which totally makes sense. This is a 50year plan set by the Communists half a century ago. So it only makes sense that every professor at every college in the US and its territories is obviously succumbing to the Communist Manifesto.
  • When the camera lady calls to "Burn the books!" Really? That's retarded. Not stupid, not ignorant. Retarded.

Anyhow, I hope you enjoy as much as I did.


otin said...

People really are pathetic sheep! For the most part they will follow the group that seems to benefit them at the moment. I am an Atheist, and an independent thinker who falls in the middle between republicans and democrats. I don't talk too much politics, but silly is silly!

The Exaggerator said...

What Mr. Beck isn't telling you (and doesn't want you knowing, For Reasons You Will Understand) is that he wants his 9 Principles and 12 Values reinforced by the 3 Disciplines:




The Josh said...

OTIN: My thoughts exactly. If you're going to make an argument, make it worth listening to.


Tina T said...

I just clicked on the video and got a message that it was removed for use violation. Too bad, it sounds like it sparked some strong reactions, and I'm so darn curious to see it for myself. Oh well.

SpankaDaMonkey said...

Dadgummit, frickin' thought police removed it. Did it show boobies... I like Boobies, boobies are my friends I like to touch and feel them.

Kali said...

Thats a shame that I wasn't able to watch the video b/c You Tube pulled it off your blog :(

Anyway, if they were talking about "pulling your kids out of college" they were most likely referring to the professors who feel the need to spew out their socialist rhetoric and MArxist thinking. I don't live far from Columbia U, and I know that a lot of that was happening.
As for "Tea Parties" I'd be the first to join one! I dont want to pay MORE taxes. There is NO REASON that for someone like myself who has been paying for health insurance out-of-pocket, will not get TAXED on my insurance to pay for this new "health plan". Screw that. We have found a pay to pay for our own health insurance policy. If others can't, too bad. Don't take it out of my pocket. My family works too hard for it.
Every jackass wants a freebie.

The Josh said...

First of all, congratulations Kali on the baby-to-be. I expect many a good story. And thanks to everybody for the comments.

Too bad the video was removed. I'm all for a good ol' fashioned debate, but the reason I put up this video is because the arguments in it were so poorly laid out that I feel it did more harm than good for whatever cause they were trying to express. To each his own I guess. Until the next comedic bit of genius, I'll be sitting here, thinking of something funny to say.